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Each One Help One Teach One Foundation

The Each One, Help One, Teach One Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping young mothers and teens who were deprived of a higher education because of personal situations such as abuse, poverty, and having dropped out, needs your assistance either financially or as a volunteer.

The foundation gives out scholarships to well deserving students that show the enthusiasm to further their education and careers.

The foundation needs professionals to teach reading, academics, computer training, theatre, video production and music. We also need your donations.

For more information, contact:

Each One, Help One, Teach One Foundation
3450 West 43rd Street, Suite 114
Los Angeles, CA 90008

Foundation Founder Dee >>



Family Member Update!

I guess like everyone else I'm proud of the accomplishments of several of my family members...

Congratulations to my grandson, Trayvon Waller, who is headed to Champaign, Illinois on a football scholarship to play for the

My granddaughter, Ms. Sekari Waller, attends school at the West Angeles Church school and is an excellent student. Keep up the good work!

Spot The Car... Win A Prize!

If you see me out in the Jumpin' Jack car and mention that you saw it on the web, then you'll receive a free Jumpin' Jack Compilation Tape with the music of rappers from across the United States.